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Garmin introduces 5-inch display nüvi 1490T

Garmin has introduced a new premium car GPS device - nüvi 1490T. The device features a large 5-inch touchscreen display and pretends to be 25% slimmer than the other devices from the nüvi family. The retail price of the device will be $499.99 and is expected in July.

Nüvi 1490T also features a traffic receiver, that uses ad-supported, free, lifetime traffic alerts from NAVTEQ Traffic in North America. The device also has a Bluetooth receiver that gives the oppotunity to the driver to use it as a handsfree.

The nüvi 1490T also offers enhanced pedestrian navigation capability with optional CityXplorer maps based on NAVTEQ Discover city data. Available for select tourist destinations in both North America and Europe, CityXplorer maps can be downloaded directly to the nüvi.

Source: NaviGadget

Garmin and carComp deliver navigation in rearview mirror

Garmin and German car accessory company carComp have announced today a partnership to sell a rearview mirror that integrates a 3.5 inch display navigation system.

CCMirrorNAVI will be available from car accessories retailers in Germany at the end of April for a €299. If we consider the massive design of this product - and that the standard price of a 3.5 inch nüvi is between €99 and €129 - it makes for a very expensive rearview mirror.

Garmin and carComp are however not the first to develop this kind of solution. U.S.-based Azentek has launched its SmartMirror a while ago and its design is much better looking, despite a bigger, 4 inch screen. It cost $600 but also integrate hands-free Bluetooth speaker. Last month at CeBIT Azentek even demonstrated the second version of its product which will include a 4.3 inch screen and an optional back-up camera and will retail for $799. The first version is said to have been a sales hit, Azentek having difficulties to keep up with demand.

Source: Navigation-Professionell

News from Falk: Falk Navigator 9.0 and

The devices of the Falk 2nd Edition, M4, M8, F4 and F6 will be available in May with "Falk Navigator 9.0" software installed. The new real-vision function, standard for the F-series devices, and optional for the M-series, increases the driving safety: at confusing places on the motorway crosses the software automatically switches into a realistic view, thus facilitating the classification of the right lane.

The new real-time visual function helps the driver when passing highway crosses, triangles and highway exits. Such places are ofthen confusing for the drivers so the software automatically changes its view to realistic presentation. Falk Navigator 9.0 includes an extensive number of real-time visual displays - many crossing situations in Europe are available.

A startup wizard leads the user through the most important settings and provides descent navigation capabilities after a short time. A new feature is introduced - a short menu that provides quick access to key functions, such as the target entry or the "home" track. A number of statistics data is placed at the bottom of the screen. The driver may include the travelling time, the average speed or distance.

The navigation systems with Falk Navigator 9.0 includes an anti-theft protection by unlimited long PIN, defined by the user. The PIN is set using a PC so thet if the user enters his forgotten PIN, he may pair the navigation device again with his computer - from there it then retrieves the unlock code itself

The Newest Map offer ensures that the map used is always the newest one. A user may update the installed maps for free 30 days after the purchase of the device. The appropriate link is provided to the customer when he registers his device at the Internet site.

Falk has also increased the speed of the navigation screens and improved the legibility and clarity of the maps. In addition, the functions of the split-screen display are extended: Users of the F4 and F6 devices can now, for example, use functions like "next goal," Travel Guide "," bypass route "or" MP3 player "in the right half of the screen display.

From 4 May 2009, the Falk-entry devices with the new software version will be available in stores.

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